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A leach interviews a leach (Oprah

image from TMZ
The Oprah show is going off the air this season and shes trying to go out with a bang, no matter what!  Shes a leach in every sense of the word and so is The Jacksons.  Katherine will do anything to make some money, and I know she was paid handsomely for this interview.  Oprah is also hoping for some jaw dropping ratings once this show airs so in essence, this is a leach interviewing a leach.  We all know that Michael Jacksons estate gives pennies to Katherine so she will do anything to make some cash in her final days....and Oprah is so ashamed of her tanked ratings that she will interview anyone whose willing to sit with her.  Her new network OWN (oprah Winfrey Network) will tank as fast as she releases it because I am sure it will be littered with commercials, no reality shows, and we all know america loves some trashy reality and NOT an old billionaire who is bull headed.  She will air old lady trash, but old ladies don't buy digital cable - they tend to stick with basic cable...which means her show will TANK!!!


  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    I really wished she had not done this interview with Orca. I cannot stand her HIPPcritical ass. She was very disrespectful to MJ even after he gave her her highest rated show ever. Once she got on her big bunion riddled feet, she kicked him with one of them when he was down and being persecuted by the medialoid. She of all people should have looked into the facts and presented them. Instead she joined the rest of the haters out there putting MJ down trying to make a name for herself. I do not trust Orca. I wish they had gone to Geraldo or anyone else. Orca is no better than demon dimond.

  2. Anonymous12:15 PM

    ^^HIPPOcritical ass!


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