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Chilli letting herself go???

Look at Chillis pot belly and that 1990's hair.  It looks like she just washes it when shes in the shower and puts some Garnier Fructis products on it and waits for it to dry before she uses gel on her baby hairs.  UGH, it also appears that she can't afford a makeup artist to freshen the face up.  When will she get rid of this hairstyle?  Her belly is popped out like shes been eating a little more than organic vegan foods as she CLAIMS her diet consists of.  I'm gone' need you to try again, Chilli...and where does she get money from?  How is this nobody supporting herself and paying her bills...the answer when you continue!
Since this bytch has exited left from the music world and those TLC royalty checks are dried up, shes been getting by financially by doing reality shows.  LMAO!!  She appeared on Ushers 'Behind the Music' for a small fee and I heard she made 20K just to sit there and talk about someone who doesn't want her anymore. It has also been confirmed by Chilli that a second season of the reality show 'What Chilli Wants' is in the works.  They say she made 300K doing the show last season and the ratings , so thats how this hooka is still eating and getting a pot belly while doing so. 

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