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Beyonces Heat perfume is cold at CVS, Heat my azz!!!

Beyonces fragrance, HEAT is some bullshyt!  I told yall it wouldn't last!  The trash smells like poop with vanilla!  Granted, HEAT started out in the large department stores, but after the horrible reviews, it went from $59.99 a bottle to only 19.99 LMAO!!!!  The drug store is offering the fragrance (0.5-1.7 oz.) and an exclusive two-piece gift set starting at $19.99.  Read some of the reviews of how consumers view this product when you continue!!
Carla - Cincinnati, OH
It tends to be a little strong and gave me a headache and that is very hard to do with me and fragrances. Not only that but it doesnt last long at all. I have had so many complaints about it not lasting. It is also very difficult to use too, The bottle is very tall and makes it difficult to spray. I just don't think it was put together very well, And the commercial was kind of tacky and distasteful in my opinion. Not a happy consumer with this one.

Janette, Chandler AZ
This perfume is not for a diva,it was very disappointing. I bought this perfume after sampling about 5 others in the store. Obviously my nose had been affected by the previous trial scents. Anyways, once I got home and tried it on after a hot shower, I immediately did not like this product anymore. I thought I could grow to like it but I couldn’t. I usually always get compliments of how good I smell, since I started using this perfume I have not received one. It smells like sugary burnt wood and the scent doesn’t even last the whole day, thank God!

 Shazzy Baby, United States
My vote for worse fragrance ever. I'm actually a Beyonce' fan... and I loved the sample of the scent that you find in magazines... but when I actually went to spray it on my skin, it had a whole different flavor... It smelled like COUGH SYRUP! I mean, who wants to smell like cough syrup? Anyways, I really wanted to like it and wanted it to be my next fragrance purchase but after the test, there is no way I could buy it. I understand all the low ratings... This is a horrible fragrance ( Sorry, Beyonce'). But, as always, to each his own. My best recommendation is to be sure to test it in person before purchasing it blindly online.

Faye, Wantaugh, NY
Wanted to like this so much but was so disappointed. Its very strong and what I call a "stinky perfume smell". Unfortunatly I am returning it to the store


  1. Anonymous2:09 AM

    bet it smell like her puss


  3. Anonymous12:35 AM

    that's what y'all get for being such stans. make your own perfume, it's not hard at all.

    natural is in- mix organic virgin coconut oil with vetiver-- or orange for a lighter scent.

  4. was the perfume named after her breath?


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