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Jazze Pha weight loss pics!!!

Wow, he looks good! 
Remember I wrote a mean spirited article and hated on Jazze Pha about 3 months ago?   In the article I said he would NEVER lose weight, well I hate to admit it but I was wrong!!!  That muthafukka proved me wrong and LOST OVER 75 lbs so far!  How did he do it?  Read more to find out!
(AllHipHop News) Multi-platinum producer Jazze Pha continues to stress a healthy lifestyle after announcing a weight loss challenge in April.

According to Jazze, he has lost over 73 pounds in the three months since announcing the contest with celebrity trainer Kenya Crooks, aka “The World’s Greatest Weight Loss Expert.”

The super-producer said a rigid, variety of daily exercises, like boxing, running and swimming, has helped him shed the pounds in such a short period of time.

“I never know what to expect,” Jazze Pha told “He'll have me doing a boxing workout one day and then doing one of his famous pool workouts the next day. That's why I haven't hit a plateau, its always something different everyday."

Jazze Pha is currently pitching a reality show chronicling his weight loss journey over the past several months.

The producer is almost at his stated goal of losing 100 pounds in four months, as part of a national
campaign against obesity.

Jazze and Kenya Crooks are also offering $1,000 to a national winner who sheds the most weight within the same four month.

"I have the best fans in the world,” Jazze Pha continued. “The love and support that has been shown is overwhelming. It makes me feel good when people come up to me telling me they've been praying for me and how much my weight loss journey has inspired them."

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  1. Did he take the condom off? How can you lose 73 lbs in three months?


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