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Nicki Minaj having trouble formulating a sentence!!!!

Listen to Nicki Minaj freeze up and struggle to find words to describe her new album, Pink Friday.  Now, I know this bish is probably sniffing cans of paint because she has all the symptoms.  Maybe shes tired, or on antidepressants.  Trust me, antidepressants will make your ass stumble over words and trip over sentences.  But lets state the obvious, Nicki Minaj just may be DUMB!
I know my blog is written in poor taste but I do that for the youth.  Formal writing skills just gets no traffic for me, so before you try and slam my grammatical errors, just realize that I am getting MAD TRAFFIC on my blog because of it.  All of my articles that are grammatically correct gets NO LOVE! I'm going to need Nicki to take an english class or stop sniffing the paint!


  1. Anonymous5:16 AM

    This aint no surpris when she cant keep track on whose dick she gotta suck next.

  2. Anonymous5:17 AM

    she must have lotsa nut juice in throat.

  3. Anonymous7:47 PM

    she's;yning about the album going well. it looks as if she doesn't know exactly what to do with her music or image. even beyonce has troubles with her image she doesn't know which direction to take with her music. every album is a lets just see how it goes kinda vibe and at this time bey's sound should be polished.

  4. Anonymous3:40 AM

    She is a dump bitch reply to me on twitter mistyc88


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