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Jazze Pha ends suicidal countdown!!!

Fat fucka, Jazze Pha was on the path of destruction with his excessive eating and lack of exercise. He was basically killing himself but that has all ended. This big bish said that in an effort to bring awareness to obesity, Jazze Pha is pledging to lose 100 lbs within a 4 month time period. He's doing a national competition called the Jazze Pha Take It Off $1000 Weight Loss Challenge. I think the winner wins a lifetime supply of big macs and whoppers along with the 1000 dollars. Damn Jazze, you made lots of money off CiERROR (Ciara). That must be gone because all you can come up with for the winner is $1000? That small amount of cash will not motivate nobody to get off the couch, and I bet you still weigh the same damn thang 4 months from now. Greedy bish!

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