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Was Beyonce hit by a taxi cab!!!!

Just as Beyonce was exiting her car on a London street, a taxi cab speed past and ripped the door off her car, narrowly missing her! Witnesses said, "She seemed very shaken and was lucky to be alive. A couple of seconds' difference and God knows what could have happened."
Shes ok you guys, I just titled it that way to get some traffic to my blog. Thank God shes fine. I am not a fan but I sure do like the traffic I get on my blog just by doing Beyonce posts ha ha. Come back now, ya hear!


  1. this was a wake up call for the devil worshipper to get her life right with CHRIST! sad shame if that would have been the ENd of her! glad she is okay but she needs to get her life right with GOD

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    I think it was a lie. Her PR team works overtime to keep her name in the press even when she is on an alleged hiatius. Doubt if this happened.

  3. Beyonce in the streets of London exit her car, ripped off her taxi speeds past the car door, almost her! Witnesses said, She looked very shaken,very lucky to be alive. Seconds, the difference between the couple and God knows what might happen.

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  4. This is really god that there is nothing bad happen but people need to take care on there driving and need to control how to run car.

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