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La La Vasquez is pathetic!!!!

Kenyon is there in the pic but no sign of Trina. He dumped the bytch?

WTF is wrong with Trinas eye and that bad 1960's wig LMAO! La La has a Pinochio nose and Kim got her mouth ready to suck something

La La should be ashamed of herself. She has no real friends. All she has is celebrity friends and no long time friends at all from what I heard. Her celebrity friends are Ciara, Trina, Kim Kardashian, and Angie Martinez. These lonely celebs went on a boat ride in New York lastnight prior to her wedding. I have a deep sadness in my heart for these celebrities who just fly around all year looking for a place to belong and they never find what they're looking for. Poor things.
Trina looks like a frog with those big eyes and green dress
Kim Kardashian looks evil, like a witch. That bytch actually thinks shes a celebrity BWAHH!!
La La looks sad and depressed, where are her friends. O yeah....she doesn't have any.
Angie Martinez fixed her teeth but still never shows her new set of dentures when she smiles.
Ciara is ok but she needs to remove that stupid ass hat.
They say La La only had celebrities (Dlisters) at her wedding. Awwww, how sad. It must be lonely living her life.

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