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LEAK!! Ciaras Basic Instinct album HERE!!

I know I talk a lot of shyt about Ciara but I LOVE HER!! OMG I am her number 92,089,753,235 fan! Does she even have that many fans? Anyway she tearing the charts up (#52 slot) with that single called "Ride" and thats my JAMMM!! OK, I know I garnered a lot of false clicks with the title of this article but I just wanted traffic on my blog. Her album hasn't leaked you cheap fuks, go and buy it on August 24th like everyone else!
Her album is about to drop called 'Basic Instinct' on August 24th and you better believe my hating azz is getting a copy. Here is one of her singles called "Gimme That". Its kind of fast, and I hope she does a dancing video for this song. I don't care for the song but after she dances to it, I think it will grow on me.

Gimme That - Ciara by user7183165

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