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Nicki Minaj is a clown!!!

Nicki Minaj looks like a circus, freak show piece, I mean, whats up with the annimated costumes and shyt. Look at this fool. It looks like shes all geared up for a cheap, illegal, back door brothel or shes a side show act for a bunch of clowns who perform at childrens birthday parties.


  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    whats up with girl? why is dressed like that fucking clown dmb asss shes probably sleeping with wayne thats why she looks so depessed

  2. Anonymous7:32 PM

    HATERS. Quit being mad at ol' girl because she's making more money than you. Yea, her outfits get crazy, but that's her swagger & that's what's getting her money right now. Quit hatin & do something with your life besides siting at home lonely wondering why your man don't want you. Maybe if you get on her level. HATERSSSS.

  3. Anonymous6:01 PM

    it's spelled animated. not annimated. i can't believe i scrolled past those ads at the top. you can always tell a page is crappy when they make the visible section you see when the full page loads completely covered in ads. i really hope i didnt just help the author of this blog make any money.

  4. Anonymous3:39 PM

    that woman has no about tacky and trashy.Her,lady gaga and kesha are all the epitome of ugly,skanky,trash.

  5. Anonymous3:44 PM

    all yall are just some fucking broke ass hataz and all the bad ass bitches know that haterz only hate ppl that they can neva be,, she is not stressin bout wat she wears she wears wat she likes n likes yall stressin like yall can afford to buy the shit the bitch is gettin her money she dont give a fuck bout idle dumb ass kakamitez like u illiterate fools itz a free world n its hers let the bitch breath n if shes fucking lil wayne so wat i am sure that if any of u bitches give ur pussy to him i bet my every $$ he is goin to refuse ur slack ass pussyez oh yea n da last time i check its niki's pussy she can fuck whoeva she wants.but i dont blame u cause i'm sure if yall was in her glory she'll probaly hate on herself too. dammm da bitch got swagga. there has neva been n there will neva be another b.bitch cas niki minaj is the one n only original BARBIE BITCH,,, all u haterz who cant stomach her then,,VOMIT.!!

  6. Anonymous9:31 PM

    damnnnnnn; alll these haters and whoeva started this website is a hatin as bitch tht need sme dick or prolly a nigga buht u still need sme dick and need to get off Nicki's clit u dumb shit nun wrong with nicki she dress and look the way she want soooo gtf;

  7. Anonymous4:06 PM

    A bad Bitch is born bad!!!! Ain't none of these bitches actually bad cause everything is fake. WTF is this world coming to???? Would manaj had been this big if she wasn't a life sized plastic goofball, cause she wasn't cute in the many before pics that i saw.

  8. i just have to laugh at you dumb ass teenager faggots with your bullshit "swag" and "yolo"....why dont you all drop dead 'fore i kill you wankers


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