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Mel B wants another baby!!!!

I guess Mel B didn't learn anything with Eddie Murphy walking out on her and her little baby. If Mel B has anything, its faith in being a housewife!! Mel B wants to try her hand at being a domesticated wife and mother of a few more babies! She was recently quoted as saying this about her temp to hire husband, Belafonte:

"He's amazing. I'm so secure in my marriage. I'm still in love. We have me-and-him time every morning and every night. He's priceless. We want more kids, two maybe, but not for a few years."

Awwww Shut up, Mel B.... Girlfriend, you know it ain't gonna last long! This is foolish!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:45 PM

    how many does this bitch have?


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