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STATISTICS! American Idols' Jordan Sparks ain't sparkin on the charts!!!

When Jordan Sparks won the American Idol last may, 30,740,000 viewers watched Sparks beat Blake Lewis. I still wonder how she made it so far in the competition when she sounded like a talent show reject at a local fair! Well..... lets get down to the statistics!

If over 30 million folks watched this talentless child win, that calculates down to 1 in 250 people buying her album of those who watched. SHE SOLD ONLY 119,000 placing her at #10 on the billboard in her opening week. Thats the lowest debut for any American Idol winners to date!!! Her following week sales were even more of a blow to her ego. She sold 30,000 in her second week on the charts and her placement on the billboard is so low, I couldn't find it.

Poor Jordan Sparks, looks like she ain't sparking on them charts. I think she needs to go into retail, shes very nice and I bet she sure could sell some clothes!!! Especially in the plus size department!!!!


  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    talentless? what are you, deaf?

    Shauna James FL

  2. Anonymous11:09 PM

    wow.. from what i've seen shes doing pretty good on the billboards. shes already singing with chris brown. Hun, I think we all see your the only talentless one in this room. LEARN TO SPELL and i'm sure you can't even sing. so you are the last one to be judging..

  3. Cat-Like4:27 PM

    Who are you to judge?I don'T think God give you the right!Why do you hate you know that this will never happen to you that's why!Your just an other kid that's crititazing(sorry if I spell wrong I use french more often)

    Why being so mean gee?Don't answer we need people with prejudish if we want people to fights.Find me a reason to justified your hatred and nobody will said a thing but fool you ain't got a thing just walk away!I hate people like you did you knew her?Did she do something that you didn't like IN YOUR PERSONNAL LIFE.Just whatever

  4. Anonymous7:46 PM



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