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BREAKING NEWS!!! Kanye is getting married this year!!!

Theres only a few more days left in the month of December. Kanye West has decided to stop stalling his winter wedding plans in honor of his mother. She really wanted him to settle down so to honor his mothers death, Kanye and Alexis will be a married couple within the next 30 days!!!!

Heres the press release Kanyes Camp released to the public:

Kanye will celebrate the New Year (2008) as a married man, if his fiancée Alexis Phifer has her way.

OOOOH child, I can't wait to see what they wear to their wedding, I hope they don't do any glow in the dark shyt or any of those stronger sunshades. LOL, blessings to Kanye and Alexis on a happy marriage. I'm not even going to hate!

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