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Brandy and Ray-J party together lastnight!!!!

Brandy has put the vehicular murder behind her completely. I guess she thinks shes off the hook for killing that mother and wife early this year in her SUV. Anyway, she parties it up in Hollywood lastnight without a care in the world with her brother at his album release party. Ray-J made a wack azz mixed tape called "Ray-J Unkut"

On this mix tape, there are voicemails from Kim Kardashian begging for Ray-J to take her back, then she calls 4 minutes later and tell him to get lost, then she calls 3 mins later begging for him again. Mmh.....thats a nice song to put on a mix tape, stupid azz Ray-J will do anything to make some extra cash!!

As for Brandy, she needs to turn herself in even if they didn't press charges..... YET!!!!!

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  1. Anonymous12:57 AM

    awwww brother and sister love


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