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Naomi throws another FIT OF RAGE!!!

Just when you thought this chic was civilized, she shows her ignorance to an AIRPORT!!! Naomi was trying to catch a flight w/ British Airways and arrived 11 minutes before the flight was scheduled to take off. They denied her entrance onto the flight, and thats where Naomi decided to show the world that she has no style, grace, class, or manners. She started yelling and screaming "I can't believe you won't allow ME to board!" as if she is important or something! British Airways offered to let Naomi fly without her luggage, but she refused screaming, "You are joking. You are always losing bags and I wouldn’t trust you with mine in a million years." Naomi didn't leave out of that airport that night, she simply stomped off with her entourage and disappeared. This bytch needs another course of anger management!

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