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Oh MY GOODNESS!!!! Michael Jackson set to lose Neverland Ranch!!

HHAAAAAA, God don't like ugly. Michael may have gotten away with all of those child molestation charges in our justice system, but God ain't through with him, yet. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away!!!


Michael Jackson has defaulted on a $23 million loan and the leinholder has put him on a 90 day notice. He has 90 days to pay the full amount of $23 million plus $212,963.83 in interest. If he don't cough up the cash, he will lose his Neverland Ranch. The potential eviction was filed in Santa Barbara County Courthouse on Oct. 22 2007...... Lets see if tight pocket Janet helps her brother out. I can't stand that stingy bytch!!


  1. Anonymous2:49 PM

    micheal look really bad. to much surgery... sad

  2. what the hell is wrong w/ my people!? give me millions any day and i would NEVER lose a dime of it! how did he go from being the richest in show business to losing his prized home? he painted himself white but the nigga is there to stay!


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