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WTF!!! Who does birthday tours?

I am so tired of my birthday tour
Hey Ciara, you can't blow those out dummy!!!
OOH a free tennis bracelet!!! I knew this tour was a good idea

Ciara is doing a birthday tour. Missy the suspected lebsbian has attended EVERY SINGLE ONE so far. I wonder if they are dating again? I think this is the stupidest idea in the world!!!! It seems to me, Ciara just wants to get free gifts everywhere she goes, cheap azz!

10/26 Birthday Party @ Runway/NYC
10/27 Birthday Party @ H2O Restaurant and Lounge/Washington DC
10/28 Birthday Party @ Velvet Room/Atlanta
10/29 Birthday Party @ Cameo/Miami (HEADLINERS)
10/30 Birthday Dinner @ Nobu/Bahamas
10/31 Birthday Party/Bahamas


  1. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I hears missy dont bathe to well ,pretty smelly down there!! OMG ...Ciara and her were together? how sad

  2. Anonymous3:53 PM

    missy is a dike, latifah is a dike, and da brat is too


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