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NO HIPS!! What happened to Beyonce hips?

Beyonce is looking very square in the torso/hip area.  Ass so flat, u can see it from the FRONT!  Thank God people like Nicki Minaj has come out to define what real hips and ass look like.  Beyonce can't touch that bytch!  And why has this trick worn the same hairstyle for the past decade.  Nothing to see here, folks.  Carry on...


  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    This bish is a thief! She was caught on tape admitting that she meets everyone, only to steal their ideas.

  2. Anonymous2:06 AM

    I love Nicki! Even when she had the curves God gave her. Beyonce looks Fierce but wow @ the extreme Clit Envy when you tuck your dick between ur ass cheeks while cross dressing do you shit on it? Does the ducktape make you chafe? You internet haters smh! I thought what happen to the guy/girl Messymya would be a wake up call but you didn't hear the phone I guess. Our sad black people. Our ignorant minds I pray you're 14 that way you have room to mature. Since you're gay we don't have to worry about off spring your gift to us just keep spiting your seed in2 some1s ass

  3. Anonymous2:16 PM

    O M G why ya sayin she steal ideas form people no she didn't steal she's prond by her self she can do better than another people. i don't think there is no bady have a same like her song or bit of the song gush i love B very much and in those picture she so damn freakin hottt...... love ya so much B.

  4. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Beyonce is gorgeous n is her self. Her curves aint her talent so why compare her to nicki. Nicki goea a lil over board withh her hair n the way she dress, her music is good n she has nuce curves


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