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The MEANING of Kanye West RUNAWAY Video!!!

Remember where Selita Ebanks was sitting in the video?  Well look at where Satan is also sitting.  Selita portrays the image of a phoenix in the video but guess what, she is in fact SATAN HIMSELF.  Follow me idiots!  If you read your Bibles, you will know that  Judas betrayed Jesus.  did you notice Selita EBanks eat the piece of bread from the table. that signifies when Jesus gave Judas the bread at the last supper,
When Jesus gave Judas the bread, they say Judas ate the bread and at that point..... SATAN
......took over Judas body and posessed his soul (this is in the Bible, i didnt make this up)...Thats why they say Judas betrayed the 12 disciples. After he ate the bread, he disappeared and no one knew where he went.  It turns out Judas went and turned Jesus over to the police and the thugs who later killed him. Judas was a snake possessed by the Devil himself instead of a demon because demons couldn't take over the souls of any of the disciples. So Selita - Phoenix - SATAN!!! 
so anyway all of that to say this, this shyt is demonic as fuK and Jesus wouldn't approve!!!
When you see Coonye running down that lonely street, he was running away from us (and the media), the ones who are quick to cast a stone at the ones doing wrong when we do wrong ourselves. Remember when Satan/Phoenix was watching TV and Coonye asked the Phoenix to cut it off and never trust what you see.  His video basically is saying 'atleast Satan does his wrong in the eyes of man and doesn't hide, Remember how ignorant Satan was to his surroundings and did nothing to mask his ignorance.  Satan/Phoenix didn't care who was watching or what we thought of his ignorance.  He knows he does wrong but the saved people of the world does dirt and tries to make it seem like they shyt dont stink.
When you see the Phoenix sitting with the Sheep, the sheep represents us people, more on that in another blog post.  We are 'sheeple, not people...we follow what the media says instead of thinking on our own.  You have to keep reading my blog to get more on that.

These are Kanyes words but hes lying, after you read this quote, get my take on this demonic occult illuminati video!

"It’s the story of a phoenix fallen to Earth, and I make her my girlfriend, and people discriminate against her and eventually she has to burn herself alive and go back to her world. I’ve been feeling the idea of the phoenix. It’s been in my heart for a while. It’s maybe parallel to my career. I threw a Molotov cocktail on my career last year, in a way, and I had to come back as a better person."

There is obviously some occult symbolism here with the whole Phoenix idea. The phoenix is symbolic of Lucifer. (Who was cast from heaven by God to Earth) Just as Kanye's story depicts the phoenix falling to Earth.
Phoenix fallen to Earth = Lucifer who fell to Earth
The relationship with this woman/phoenix = The relationship he has with Satan
The Discrimination against her = The people who don't follow Satan and look down upon him (remember how the all seeing eye is sometimes shown with a tear drop?)  The dancing ballerinas in black represented Kanyes thoughts, did anyone notice Estelle black gummed ass at the table during the last dinner. You have to understand what a phoenix is before u can understand this video. they say a phoenix is a fictitious bird worshipped by the egyptians. it lives on not fruit or flowers but some other strange shyt for 500 years and when its about to die, it makes a nest in the willow tree (illuminati tree) out of cinnamon and shyt and then it burns up when it dies but it comes back soon after even better than it was before it burnt up and dedicates itself to the egyptian gods or some shyt like that. so coonye took the phoenix and paralleled it to satan.

It's supposed to look like a sad story. You know how the people who worship Satan feel like he was done wrongfully/misjudged.  You can also take the video to mean the following:  Kanye West likes attention LOL.  More on this later.  Keep reading my blog for updates on the meaning of RUnaway Video


  1. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I thought I was the only one who thought this video was demonic. As i said mental illness at it's finest.

  2. Anonymous5:46 PM

    ^^ Agreed And Cocaine is a hell of a drug LOL. I noticed in a sceen while the ballerinas were dancing, Kanye was above them with his right hand across his heart, that is one of the signs of the Illumaniti. Trust I am a firm believer in this and I will continue to read upon this.

  3. Anonymous6:06 PM

    ^^^^when kanye has his hand hand on his chest it represents the hidden hand symbol. look it up

  4. Anonymous8:42 PM

    yall are trippin balls.

  5. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Um, if your trying to make a valid point..Maybe speaking proper english and refraining from racial slurs would help. Also, not cursing and backing up your bible quotations with actual references.

    That'll be all.

  6. Anonymous1:46 AM

    racist azz bastard u mad cuz u makin shitty blogs thats not gettin noticed.....but maybe your logic to this video is true but hell lucifer was the angel of music before he was casted down yo earth as let him do him and hop off!!!!

  7. Anonymous1:47 AM

    Ya'll are so stupid... The movie is about Kanye west not being in illuminati..when you watch runaway love, theres a part with michael jackson... and remember when michael jackson tried to fight the illuminati, thats what kanye is trying to show us..

  8. Anonymous12:27 PM

    so, is is safe to say that you're "creole slutslayer?"? and aren't we supposed to put our right hand ovr our hearts when saying the pledge of allegiance? Are we a partof the Illuminati as well? I'm not denying that Kanye has problems, but wow! I'm beginning to think that all of this Illuminati talk is just a modern day witch hunt... And also distracting us from the real issues... SPeaking of which, will anyone be voting on the 4th?

  9. Anonymous1:09 PM

    nonymous said...
    so, is is safe to say that you're "creole slutslayer?"? and aren't we supposed to put our right hand ovr our hearts when saying the pledge of allegiance? Are we a partof the Illuminati as well? I'm not denying that Kanye has problems, but wow! I'm beginning to think that all of this Illuminati talk is just a modern day witch hunt...

    Thank you for saying the truth

    1 Satab means adversary

    2 lucifer is not the devil the devil means lawof sin and death. Read hebrwed 2 v 14. devil is he who has power OVER DEATH thats all.

    3. Angels cannot sin they share the same nature as God. iF gOD CANNOT SIN HOW CAN THE CHILDREN IS THEIR NATURE IS DERIVED FROM HIM.


    5. Even is the so called illuminatey worships these so called things their religion is in vain they worhip sumthing that does not exist but are deceived and deceiving themselves.

    Be careful of popular church doctrines read your bibles on your own

  10. Anonymous3:13 PM

    You racist irrational fruit,lol.

  11. Anonymous3:14 PM

    I just want to let you know that whoever wrote this, your an idiot. For lack of better word. I cant even hate this blog because not everyone in the world can be smart or logical like you have just made very apparent. Wow the Pheonix was sitting at the middle of the table oh looks theres lucifer, shut the hell up. Its a shame someone can have talent, have great ideas, and people like you can try and lessen them and claim the only way they got there was by selling their soul. lol your seriously an idiot. : (

  12. Anonymous5:00 PM


  13. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Wow ignorance at it's finest. I'll pray for you.

  14. What's so bad about being a devil worshipper? I'm not one, but I don't care if someone else is, it's called freedom of religion. Stop worrying about celebs selling out, and just live your life like a good Christian, I mean, this website isn't so Christian-like is it? We all sin, so enjoy his music, or shut the fuck up. Please, I'm so sick of this Illuminati celebrities selling their souls to devil bullshit, you people think you know everything because you've seen a few alleged videos on Youtube. You know absolutely nothing, so focus on why the video was too damn long.

  15. Anonymous11:48 PM

    one day the real truth will come out, who knows what it really is. only God can perceive that. wether this world is run by the illuminati, or if its just something humans tend to make up, either way we have our opinions. mine is to give my faith to the Lord, whats yours?

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  19. Anonymous1:24 AM

    your a fucking idiot satan has a special spot in hell for you chode muffin

  20. Anonymous1:27 AM

    She Means Shirt. LoL uneducated.

  21. Anonymous1:31 AM

    Hey Veronica, you do realize that Coonye is a racist slur right? and that you are black too?

  22. Anonymous1:33 AM


  23. Anonymous1:33 AM

    They have pictures of you at

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  25. Anonymous1:37 AM

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Veronica imma let you finish but the Anonymous before you had the best link of all time!!!!!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Good job guys.ignorance at it's finest .way to hate on an artist. this is just pathetic.get a life.

  30. You're just doing what he said you would do in the movie... hating on him because he's different. What he did to become so good shouldn't matter to you anyway... what should matter is THAT he's so damn good and everything he touches turns to gold. You're just here to enjoy it.

  31. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Hey guess what, I'm atheist and this is all bull****, your all paranoid and its hilarious. Yes there an illuminati but no, Jay Z and Kanye West aren't apart of it. Thats just ****ing rediculous, listen to yourselves, you sound like idiots. Also, as I said, i dont believe in your stupid bible written by some random person. Hey, why dont i write a bible saying i created the earth, in 1000 years people might believe that ****. Anyways, back to the topic. Your Christian, so automatically you assume this vid has to do with satan and god, which is very, very stupid. No one will ever know the true meaning of this video unless they meet 'Ye in real life. Also, hes not COONYE you ****ing retards.


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  33. Anonymous9:42 PM

    i feel that it is really very pathetic that people are so quick to believe anythingg they see on tv or hear about period. i first heard about all this stuff from a friend of mine about a 4 months ago but when i finally saw the video for myself i thought how sad. i am a christian. i do believe in the trinity (GOD JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT) but i still love kanye west and all of his music. as far as the illuminati stuff goes if kanye is apart of it along with whoever else they said does that REALLY affect your day to day lives. & the saddest part is that the main ones that be with the crap about "oh they worship the devil" havent even gone to church in how long? one day we all have to answer for our mistakes & everything we did here on earth but what makes you so high & mighty to condemn them for what they want to do or what they believe. i think kanye west is a beautiful artist that is very different. people need to just chill and get a life. smh at you guys. i promise you proving whether kanye (& the others) is or is not apart of the illuminati will not make you a better person. it won't save your soul. & it wont send you to heaven. the way you live your life decides that. so let them live theirs. dang.

  34. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Ok. The rational people here all know that organized religion is bullshit. But that doesn't mean that there aren't devil worshipers trying to run the world. Yes, this video is chock full of occult symbolism, like the little boy dressed in a red KKK outfit, bringing the light of truth to the middle class American. (Knowledge and truth is satanic, love is God, basic knowledge in religious lore). They are subtly impressing their beliefs on you, whether you like it or not. They have the resources to do this, so they do. Take all pieces of the puzzle and put them together people. This shit makes a whole lot more sense when you look at everything from all perspectives before you push it to the side as drivel and nonsense.

    Go to

    Also look up CFR, Federal Reserve, Freemasons, RFID chip. This stuff has no 'hidden meaning' and is in plain sight.

  35. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Wow, that painting of Satan is serious. I mean, where did you find that bullshit? Look, I'm a conspiracy theorist but I disbelieve what I am reading right now. A Phoenix is a mythic firebird that is the symbol of divinity in ancient civilizations. In China, it's second to the dragon in terms of divine symbols. In, Egypt the phoenix is representative of the soul of Ra the Sun God. If you read up on the story of Ra, then you'd know that he carries with him, an ankh-the symbol of life and fertility. You'd also know that Ra had an adversary, Set-which is darkness and death or Satan for the english language. So I'm pretty sure Ye isn't worshipping the devil. Do me a favor, GET EDUCATED, GET REAL, AND STOP GIVING THE ILLUMINATI POWER THAT THEY CAN'T POSSIBLY HAVE, because that is doing the devil's work.

  36. Anonymous12:34 AM

    People are so funny. This blog is very true. For people who are dissing the writer of this blog, calm down. He's not hating on the fact that Kanye is involved in the devils work. He is simply pointing out the fact. Kanye has made many refrences to his interaction with the devil on numerous occasions. There should be no doubt in anyones mind where Kanye stands because he has made that apparent. Now, what you can debate on is if his stance is right or wrong in your eyes. And for who ever said angel cant sin, yes, they can. 1/3 of the angel where cast out of heaven with lucifer and are now doing his work. And lucifer was over all of the music in heaven. So theres no doubt that music is his specialty and that he is using it to do his evil work today. I suggest that when instead of calling each other idiots, and stupid and what ever other foolishness, you all should listen to and learn from one another and definitely read the lyrics of this song because they are very easy to miss if you get caught up in the video. kanye refers to satan more than 5times.Ok, God bless, everyone have a good day. Follow me if youd have any questions

  37. Anonymous2:24 AM


  38. Anonymous9:46 PM

    kanye is the one that needs to runaway, he is satan acceptance, he needs to make it clear that he deals with evil. how could a good person say satan more than once to us in a song who does that he needs help but he is far gone.

    There is only one GOD OUR CREATOR. GOD BLESS

  39. Anonymous3:18 PM



  41. Anonymous9:18 PM

    Creatures now in this World. Human!!!. Easy target to mess the mind of a human ,play as a instrumental to make one powerful as long as you see things the way is display with no detail to understand. Sing along while summoning something never seen or touch. LLN2424

  42. Anonymous3:42 PM

    cocainee is one hell of a drug.....

    You didn't even provide any bible verses, some ghetto punk observingly wrote this.

  43. Anonymous9:02 PM

    I understand your concept of the video. I too agree it is on the demonic side. I just don't understand why are you refering to him as Coonye. I mean are you being racist or what. If you are you should evaluate yourself and get you in order before trying to figure out someone elses sins and beliefs.

  44. STLbrotha4:00 AM

    Pretty sure this video has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with religion. Think about it. The video is about a phoenix. The phoenix represents a new start or chapter if you will in Kayne's life. Out of all the media, fans, and other artists who criticized Kanye for the whole Taylor Swift incident, no one was harder on Kanye than himself. The video also clearly states that we as humans have a difficult time accepting change or people who are different from us.

  45. Anonymous10:18 PM


  46. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I am aware of all the illuminati agendas, i do believe however you should get your mythology right. The Pheonix is associated to purity not satan, its the elite using the symbols of good and adding their own associations to them that fool people. If you know about the occult or the dark magic then you know they do not have symbols of their own, they steal pure symbols and use them for their own benefit... example,the pentagram. They have to invert it for it to be of any use. I think your work is good but novice at best.

  47. Anonymous11:00 PM

    U ARE THE BIGGEST HATER I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! that video is sick and people like you are idiots and jealous because your nothing like them and have no money... get a fucking life and enjoy the music and stop trying to analyze everything.

  48. Anonymous11:43 PM

    Talking about people and slander is a sin. I think you, the owner of this blog needs to repent and ask the LORD to forgive you and start over. Blog something positive. Try reading your bible as well. The only thing that will change you is the word of GOD. Respect.

  49. Anonymous11:53 PM

    everybody depicts this video differently. I see the phoenix as himself and how his career has been and is going to play out. This doesn't really have anything to do with the illuminatti unless you believe that. I heard that it was supposed to be portraying Amber Rose. But this goes back to my first statement. you will believe what you want, and that's your preference.

  50. Anonymous7:36 AM

    ur full of shit. it says no where in the bible that judus was possesed. jesus knew he had already betrayed him and still excepted him. thats the whole point to that story. and kayne is in no way related to this illuminatti bullshit.

  51. Anonymous9:13 PM

    first of all i gott say the person who said the video about kanye not being in the illuminati are complete idiots i mean damn jayz is in the illuminati and he was on a video with illuminati if you think kw is not in the illuminati congrats cuz u are officaly the dumbest dumbass alive ppl really needa learn what their talking about some ppl just make theirselvs look so retarted and just know that there right and for the idiot who said this video is not realted to illuminati ur dumb ass hell for the person who wrote this blog thanks for letting ppl know the truth and ignore these dumbass idiots who know nuthing and alway wana put their no sense is i swear some ppl are the biggest idiots half of them wud sell their souls to the devil and not even know it cuz their so dumb

  52. Anonymous9:22 PM

    and also for the person who said that the person who did this blog is jealous cuz they have no money shut the hell up money is not everything ppl love money more then they love god money is evil ppl get money in dirty was fuck money man these money lovers are going to hell kw sucks all these celebz do and i think this site is called celeb haters so if u on these celebz dicks then why the fuck are you on celeb haters .com dumbass since u think its all about money do this call up the man whos over the illuminati tell him u want to sell ur soul and get rich and since everythings about money to you tell sell ur fuckin soul and get your money and let us do what god wud want us to do and spread the truth.

  53. this is the dumbest shit i've ever read. sad when people sit at home and they're deep and aren't.

  54. Anonymous10:48 PM

    i hope "COONYE" reads this ignorant shit and fucking bombs yo ignorant dick slobbin ass
    go fuck a goat jackass

    i love you kanyeee!!!

  55. Anonymous7:35 PM

    ok so..i was looking for a simple interpretation of this video...i had my own ideas but i wanted to see if i was right...what do i stumble up on? this biased bullshit..
    its people like you that make me hate christians.
    coonye? u racist piece of shit.
    estelles black gummed ass?
    u say jesus is ashamed of kanye?
    no, DARLING. hed be ashamed of you.

  56. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Haha thanks for the laugh. Was funny. :)

  57. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Wow-way to OVERANALYZE. WTF are you to point the finger at Kanye for using a "moniker" of what you think he sees as Satan when you are the harbinger of his work? To Christians the phoenix is symbolic of a star. Referring to Kanye as Coonye and Estelle as "black gummed ass" really shows you have a true handle on Satan and fully envelope yourself in his glory.
    It was a VIDEO...who gives a damn if it had 15 different meanings to Kanye? At least now I can verify that YOU are 100% included in Kanye's toast to the a$$holes, scumbags and jerkoffs.

    Here's to you!

  58. Anonymous6:19 PM

    wow! fnks 4 ur observations, i fink God knws best n he judges betta, though d video wz fuckin scary nt jst nt rght, but its all gud, God is in control......

  59. Anonymous10:48 AM

    U seriously sound stupid as fuck. You jes conceived ur own interpretations

  60. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Kanye is strange but hot i like him,but i tink d video was confusing ,n i don't tink it holds any spiritual meaning

  61. some people jus dnt know the meaning of life haha those who fear will loose those who follow will be burned alive he who sacrafices lives mor thn a sin filled life an finds this video fukcking sickning stupid and gives you a stomack acke tht jus wants to make you buy this album jus so you cud diareah an puke chumks all ovr it shall concor allllllllllllllll, fuking retards if you slomo evry explosion in tht vid theres a demon coming out of the brightess selection wen you pause it, i shit you not ,idk if its special efects but hes mos def a satanist i bet he draws asatan bananna evry night an crams it up his asss an im hation american so rasict bitch dwn there swallows mad dick wads for break fast you guys shud call her

  62. i dont agree with you.. she is a phoenix and they burn to rise again, from its own ashes... and as everyone knows ashes is one of the cleanest, what do you call it, materials on earth.. so I see here as something pure and inocent, and when she comes to earth, become more and more human she has to burn and rise again to keep her innocence??

  63. Anonymous2:07 PM

    you gotta be stupid if u dnt believe the person who wrote dis blog...i mean cum on...the horus chain the pyramids on the ring...the phoenix ...n she has to burn before she returns!! and the story nicki minaj told at the beginning of the video..u have to b stupid if u jus think kanye is a great artist...

  64. Anonymous2:08 AM

    This has to be the worst piece of shit article I've ever read. Bunch of total crap.

  65. Anonymous2:54 AM

    you're the reason Christianity is viewed negatively by so many people. stop being an attention craving little cunt. also, i can't describe how bad the whole "coonye" thing makes you look, for so, so many reasons.

  66. nice effort in attempting to decode this video but you didn't go deep enough. with all due respect i have cracked the code of Runaway.

  67. did you really just say "coonye"? Wow grow up and get a life.

  68. Woah... a lot of ignorant people on both sides, first of all I know I know nothing, but if you want to talk about something at least get some information before, and from different sources, first of all, for all of those who not believe that kanye is involved with the illuminati and secret societies, my first reaction would be to call you ignorant, but maybe your eyes are closed, or maybe you haven't seen enough or research enough, so I won't judge you, and I humbly think you shouldn't do the same. And for that person that believes that symbols are good and inverted are bad, that's just sad, maybe you're just mentally disabled, symbols run the world, and the phoenix is indeed a bad symbol with a really deep meaning for the secret societies, (won't get into much detail, I not commenting to be called crazy, do some research and read some books for god's sake)and for those paranoids thinking everything is the devil, first of all I'm SURE you don't really know
    God or the devil in first place, just stop hating on things, if you believe in God show it by being humble and respectful, and understand that kanye after all is just a human, I think he IS a great artist, really creative and different, but he made some really wrong decisions, but I think he still has time to come back to the right, good and fulfilling side, he knows Jesus is real more than anyone, but POWER was first for him, just watch analyze and learn.

  69. Anonymous11:22 PM

    LMAO! I seriously can't stop laughing at this article. You people live a very VERY sad existence (I mean that in the literal sense of the word). LOL!!! Seriously... this is a terrible way to give credibility to your fears. Go seek out books on Emotional IQ and Social Intelligence.

  70. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I understand what you are saying but wtf its 2012 whats up with the racist slurs that shit is not stupid mother fucker coonye really are you that jealous of african americans having more than your pathetic ass. All you do all day is get online make these stupid ass blogs that nobody give a fuck are you going to get anyone to agree with your ignorant about you stop making blogs about kanye and shit you dont know half bout and worry about yourself because if you knew the bible you would know that being racist is not the christan way...

  71. Anonymous1:36 PM

    haha dude dis is soo lame! what version of d bible u been studying?? n take off that pic of satan at d Last Supper u makin him look like a sore ass loser. Judas was never possessed he made a choice to betray Jesus for a few bucks n regretted it later. go back to school, u fool!!!!

  72. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Look, you need to wrap your head around this a little more, and not be racist about it.

    Satan is on Earth, but he will never be allowed to rule for eternity. He is using time alotted to him, by god, to rule on earth through his anti-christ (youtube "The Dajjal and Illuminati" and watch whatever peaks your interest)

    The anti-christ will live on earth for 40 days. One day like a year, one day like a month, one day like a week, and the rest our normal 24 hour days. Demons may operate out of the construct of time, for time is only a construct to offer US guidance.

    ETs, such as the ones that crashed at Roswell, were fallen angels that were summoned by followers of Alister Crowley, or the Skull and Bones society as you may know them better. The ritual preformed at Area 51 prior to the crash severed a section of space/time, and several demonic inter-dimensional beings poured out to begin the work of Satan. You will notice from Roswell on, the world literally becomes hellish.

    This is because extra dimensional beings are conscious souls that serve Satan (recollect those lame movies like paranormal activities, not very far from the truth) These spirits can posses any form of matter they wish, for they are educated on how to do so. We as humans can do this as well, but we have no bloody clue at this point that we can. This is why hip hop artists like Kanye, Eminem, Lil-Wayne, almost every stylist has had communion with these beings before they become famous, and afterwards are granted Talent by Satan and his fallen angels.

    Unfortunately, Christians will be the quickest to denounce this, because the Chruch of Christ is OWNED by the Satanic Government. (Theres no use arguing that they arnt satanic, there is plenty of photos, documents and interviews to prove that the entire bush family is) If you are Christian and believe that the church is now run by satan (catholicism too, the pope is in on this as well) then you must begin forming your own private ways of worship.

    You ask yourself "if Satan really exists then God must too, and he will save us?" Eventually he will, but keep in mind that we are to pay for our lack of faith. God wants you to pray and stay loyal, even when evil spirits torture and molest you. He wants to see good shine through pain, that is what it takes to become an angel. But what are angels if not THE SAME THING as the demons that attack us through rituals. God and his angels are all extradimensional beings, God obviously being the all powerful among them. Angels and Demons alike work in harmony to bring souls down both paths, as good and evil are balanced in Heaven.

    Believe what you will, but the darkest times are coming. If you dont believe in God when this happens, you never will. He literally wotn allow you to worship him, and instead give you to Satan and his hordes. You will become a Goblin. That sounds like a blast.

    Anyway, Kanye could be part of this scheme, but he really seems to overall hate white folk. Luckily its primarly white folk that run the world today. Theres no reason to hate anyone, least of all a confused man like Kanye. He doesnt know what he wants, but hes in the know of extradimensional occurances due to his affiliation with the hip-hop world. Stop hating please, even if you dont believe in god, believe in humanity! Get together with people, form clubs that's sole purpose is to watch out for its members. THATS HOW THE ILLUMINATI BECAME POWERFUL, NOW DO THE SAME THING EXCEPT DONT SUPPORT SATANIST AGENDAS! lol


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