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Alicia SLEAZE Hairy Armpits!!!

Check out this painting Swizz Beats did of his dike wife, Alicia SLEAZE!  Alicia SLEAZE got a nerve to have a hairy ass bush under her arms!  I guess this bitch is in lazy mode, but them pits look like they haven't been shaven in about 4-6 months easily!  I told ya'll shes a dike!  When I was pregnant I kept my pits shaven, who wants to put deodorant on top of a bush?  This hoe is certainly playing for the other team with pits full of hair like a MAN!  This dumb ass bitch just had a baby by a man who is a serial cheater, and now that he wifed her ass she thinks she can walk around with hairy armpits but he will divorce you the same way he divorced his first wife! 

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:09 PM

    I bet you'll never show ur face HOE!!!!!


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