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Mary J Blige and Diana Ross's dirty laundry!!!

Ya'll I can't even find a reason to hate on Mary with this fly azz magazine cover.  This is absolutely beautiful but i will hate on Diana Ross old, dusty azz.  Rumor has it that Diana flipped out over some muthafukkin drycleaning.  She got a few garments done at one of those 1.99 drycleaning places which is owned by one of my readers.  They wrote in a few months ago to complain but I never posted it because shes irrelevant but now the time has come to literally air this bitches dirty laundry.  Well here is the email.

Hi Celebhaterz,
You have a crazy blog.  I like to read it with my coffee every morning but you rarely update.  Maybe you don't have enough material so I will give you some tea to spill to your readers.  Diana Ross was in Boston Mass around May 15th of this year and she was doing a concert or something of that nature.  Her assistant came into my small business to have some of her garments cleaned.  At the time, I didn't know the clothes were for Diana Ross but when I found out ......
I took the proper care to clean her garments and even used my name brand products as opposed to the generics I tend to use for the regulars.  So, I advised them it would be ready in 24-48 hours.  The assistant said it would be fine and left.  She called back about an hour later and asked me if I could expedite the garments for Diana Ross, as if the name drop would make the process go faster.  I couldn't fulfill the order so as I was closing up for the evening, here rolls up a black escalade truck and out comes Diana herself in jeans and a t shirt.  She tried to act all powerful and put on her diva attitude which did little to amuse me.  I continued to lock up and told her we were closed.  Although I was star struck  I didn't show it.  She then asked to have her items removed from the store and I kindly obliged.  I opened the door and got the garments although they weren't pressed yet but they were cleaned.  She yelled and said "You incompetent peasant, you've had my clothes all day why aren't they done!!  Did my assistant tell you who they were for!!"  She then tried to take them but didn't have her ticket so since she yelled at me and tried to belittle me, I refused to give her the items without her drycleaning ticket.  She said she would be back and this won't be the last I hear from her.  Well, she never returned to get the horrid dresses and my policy says I can keep them for 6 months before I sell them and on Nov 15th, I am going to sell them without a second thought!  That'll show the rude, yelling cunt!!  Please put this story on your blog.  thanks


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    You a very petty, mean spirited person.

  2. Anonymous5:52 PM


  3. Anonymous4:22 AM

    Sounds like Diana. Bug-eyed bitch.


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