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Birdman the liar LIES AGAIN!!

Remember this tattoo of the oil rig LMAO!!

After he was exposed he COVERED IT UP LMAO!!!

Remember Bronald Oil? The oil company, registered to the address of a beachfront condo, that Slim & Baby supposedly founded? Heres the operations website of Bronald Oil , which looks BOOTLEG and set up just to make him look like he really owns an oil company but he doesn't.  If you read the site, he clearly states hes POTENTIALLY TRYING TO GET SOME OIL INVESTORS POPPING OFF LMAO!!!
Well, the latest lie....Birdman/Baby is now saying hes buying the Miami Dolphins.  Heres an excerpt from the lies he told Angela Yee on her radio show:  She asked 'are u buying a football team'

" I’m still waiting on that letter….We want to be part owners of the Miami Dolphins and I’m looking forward to that. I mean really a few teams, some basketball teams, some baseball teams. Anything that’s available we want to be a part of it. I think that’s big. That’s the next step for us, that’s the next level. The Miami Dolphins would be great because we’re out there.”
LIESSS!!!  I can't wait for this clown to get exposed again as a LIAR and a FRAUDD!!!!

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