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STOCK PLUMMET!!! Swizz Beaks makes a beat for Gucci Mane!!!

WOW!!!  Does Swizz have any limits regarding the sharing of his craft?  Apparently not.  Swizz Beatz has teamed up with the worlds most ignorant sounding goon in music to make a beat which would be fire if the sounds of a dumb azz wasn't ruining it!  This first single from his new album The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted, which is due September 28, is called Gucci Time.  I just don't understand how someone with no rap skills (and he sounds so ignorant) can have a fanbase.  It sounds like Gucci Mane has a speech impediment, or even a learning disability!  I'm not making fun, but only pointing out the obvious.
Now, I like Swizz Beaks music, but to sell it to lower than life artists such as Gucci Mane was a very bad idea for his stock ratings!  Swizz Cheeze must be in dire need of money or something! 
Gucci Mane ft. Swizz Beatz "Gucci Time" by Warner Bros. Urban

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