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Fantasias words! Denies breaking up the Cook Marriage!!!

Antwuans wife has the SAME tattoo in the SAME spot!
Fantasia Barrino, the American Idol winner, is in a heap of trouble. Shes defending her role in the marriage gone sour regarding her boyfriend, Antwuan Cook and his wife. North Carolina has an alienation of affection law that will possibly wind up costing Fantasia more than she ever bargained for. Word on the street is that Fantasia is still seeing this man, Antwaun. She supposedly met him at a cell phone store. He works there BWAHHH!! Most of the main news outlets are picking up this story such as CNN, People Magazine, and a host of others!  Check out what Fanny has to say about this whole charade after the jump!
Fantasia is certain that she is not responsible for the deterioration of the Cook's marriage.

Fantasia will weather this Storm with the dignity and grace that she has exemplified throughout a life in which she has repeatedly overcome obstacles and challenges.

Fantasia's faith in God, herself and family remain as strong as ever.

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