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Chris Brown, T.I. wack azz Snoop and Keri at TAKERS premiere

Chris Brown attended his movie premiere for the film, Takers which took place at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood.  Also in attendance was T.I. weak and wack azz.  Have you noticed that all his raps sound alike, especially that bubble gum trash he releases to radio.  Snoop Dogg showed up as well as Keri Hilson.

There was a time when T.I. Harris and Chris Brown were on top of the world.  They were considered A List artists but they both broke the law so now they are irrelevant and not desired.  I'm sure the movie, Takers will FLOP and I promise to do a follow up post of the revenue the movie brings in with these convicts being the main characters....  You guys will have to remind me, though because this shyt drops on August 27th and by then, I will have forgotten.  Thats how irrelevant these clowns have become.

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  1. Keri is so very "thirsty" like Kelly Rowland. I hope these women find themselves out of the spot light before it's too late.

    They just don't have "it". Some people are writers, others are performers/liars (LOL), and some people compose the music.

    See, everyone can do something. Just everyone is NOT a superstar and they SHOULD thank GOD for that. But they won't. They will roll around the stage naked and thank God when they get the "grammy".


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