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Bob Marley MASTERS destroyed in Studio Fire!!!

Oh shyt! Bob Marleys masters to all of his work as been DESTROYED by FIRE in Aburi, Ghana!!!  What is his sh*t doing in Africa, anyway?  Oh yea, his wife Rita lives there....That bytch should've kept his masters in a bank vault, not a studio!  WTF was she thinking. All of that bread and butter is gone up into smoke.  What a shame!  More when you read the rest.
Several of reggae legend Bob Marley's master recordings and personal belongings were destroyed in a studio fire in Aburi, Ghana recently.
According to the Toronto Sun, tapes of master recordings, as well as footage of Marley performances were lost in the blaze, which were stored at the solar-powered studio established by Marley's wife Rita, who has lived in Africa for the past decade.
The complex, called Studio One, was set to officially open in June -- a month after it was ravaged by a blaze.
Initial reports suggested the fire was caused by an electrical fault.
Despite the setback, Rita Marley insists she will rebuild the complex.
Work on the studio was originally completed in early 2009, but the launch was delayed because Rita was out of the country.

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  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    You didn't know...Rita killed Bob Marley and she's getting what she deserve!


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