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VIDEO! Beyonce to appear on Britains next top Model

Beyonces annoying azz is realizing that her star has faded, so shes hit the ho stroll in an effort to embed her brand into our heads and get some face time since she misses seeing herself on TV. Shes set out for Britain since the Americans are tired of her azz and shes using her funky azz perfume "Heat" as a tactic to get it sold, promoted, and pimped on these poor wanna be models. Peep the clip to see what I'm talking about. Beyonces fragrance really does stink. I sprayed it while at the mall this weekend and couldn't believe what i was smelling! I asked the sales lady if the scent is a big seller and she said shes been in that department for a while, and it sold considerably well when it came out but now she sells maybe 4 bottles a week!!! BARF, it smells like an overload of vanilla and cheap body sprays from the dollar tree that were boiled together. The sales on her perfume has taken a severe nose dive LMAO!

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