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Tameka Foster endorses Carols Daughter

Oh shyt, Carols stock just fell about 99.9% after this pic was posted on the web. Its Tameka Foster and she (along with her mustache) appears to be endorsing the product. If Carol knows like I know, she would keep the likes of a past welfare robber away from her product. Tameka is bad business for endorsing any product for that matter. Maybe she should endorse birth control...wit' her ugly azz. She looks very dusty and greasy in this pic - and don't get me started on that 'at home' manicure, the cheap dollar store beads, dis shoveled weave, the USHER Child support money that purchased the bag, and that City Trends top. Looks like Tameka could use some concealer for those dark circles under her eyes. I bet she got them from her late night stalking of Usher LMAO!

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