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Janet gets a Jermaine Jackson haircut!!!

Here is Janet performing at the Essence Music Festival this past week. I noticed that she tried to kick it up a notch in the sex department but she failed!!!Look at this chic, she looks like her brother, Jermaine!!! That haircut is a hot fukkin mess!! Miss Janet looks very stupid with those slicked down sides, narrow nose, botoxed face, and sideburns.... Hey Janet, stop trying to keep up with the youngins' and put yo' weave back in your head girl! That Jermaine haircut is NOT da business boo-boo!


  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Can't stand Jerealous!!!

  2. Anonymous5:26 AM

    Janet jus lettin the world and her family know she's the talented one of the family and jermaine should jus shut the fuk up !
    That jermain needs por active or better makeup.


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