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Oprah parties with black people!!

After co-hosting the Met Costume Institute Gala on Monday (May 3), Oprah Winfrey got in touch with her black side and partied with Pharrell, Diddy, and Usher at the after-party at New York City’s Mark Hotel.

This old bytch is finally accepting her black side. At one time this bish said she didn't fuk with rappers. Shes so phony. Now that the white folks are ditching her show and her ratings are down, shes trying to get a black audience. I guess Tyler Perry put a bug in her ear and an idea in her head when she noticed he was banking off the black community. Tyler Perry always clear over 20million on opening night for his movies, meanwhile - when Oprah opens her show everyday, she can barely get a viewing audience of 1 million people. #ratingsdown so shes running to the black community since the whites chewed her up and spit that azz out!

sidenote: Usher was there, too but he ain't in this shot. He's probably somewhere blocking out Tameka Raymonds tweets and text messages. I bet that hoe got corporals tunnel in her hands from all that tweeting she does!

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  1. I have to agree with you on this one. It is about time Oprah gets in touch with her Black side.


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