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DETAILS!! Gucci Mane getting released May 12

UGH!! Say it ain't true! Gucci Mane is getting released from the Fulton County Jail in Georgia next Wednesday, May 12. The news came from Hot 97's Angie Martinez yesterday as they announced the SummerJam lineup. Gucci rightfully went into jail in November for violating his probation, which he got from an assault charge in 2005.
I wish this wasn't true. He must have been in there snitching because this ugly gorilla face was supposed to be locked up for a hot minute. #stopsnitching
In other news regarding black lips, he fired his manager Deb (wacka flocka mama) for whatever reason. Google it, I am not in the mood right now to post on this funky, jail cell, peanut butter and jelly as a snack eating bish right now.

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  1. Anonymous4:17 AM

    Look at this punk, lacin' himself up like a woman would. gay ass punk


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