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Halle Berry fakes happiness!!

Halle Berry is a resident of Los Angeles as we all know. I wonder how the cameras knew she would be in Malibu Beach with her little girl. I will tell you my theory (which is 99.9% truth). She called the paps so that they could snap pics of her faking like everything is all good, even though shes been through yet another failed relationship which made it to the press. This is damage control but she can't pull the wool over my eyes. I can see that the crazy bytch is lonely, miserable and craving good attention on the blogs. In her big mansion, I'm willing to bet the only ones to come over are a nanny, a maid and an occasional stylist. A few one night stands probably stop by but once they notice that shes bat gone crazy, they run for the hills just like Wesley Snipes, Gabriel Aubry, and Eric Benet. Go to counseling, restart the drawing board and try again, Bish!


  1. Unlike some other people, at least you update your blog.

  2. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Now Halle berry is trash ! she aint faking happiness whit all hte cash she's made she only pisst because her Ex hubby wouldn't put up with her barren dry pussy. halle aint got no eatin pussy and thats one reason her Ex left.


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