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Diddy to Rick Ross - "Your career is OVER"

Diddy announced this week on 106th and Park that he is officially the manager of Rick Ross, the fat azz prison guard aka Officer Ricky. Everyone Diddy touches turns to a has been. Lets name a few, shall we:
  1. Black Rob (ya'll probably don't remember this fucka)
  2. Young Joc (delusional one hit wonder)
  3. The Band (stupid and self destructive)
  4. Faith (fat, wide mouthed industry hoe)
  5. Carl Thomas (he was da shyt but on dope now?)
  6. 112 (a great group but was a victim of the Diddy curse)
  7. Craig Mack (went to treat acne and never came back)
  8. Donnie Klang (P.W.T. = poor ______ trash)
  9. Mase (a retard with slurred speech)
  10. Loon (turned to Islam)
  11. The Lox (bytch, boo, bye)
  12. Total (lesbos)
I only want to name 12 for now. Once Officer Ricky falls victim of the Diddy curse, I will add his name as # 13. He is already well on his way to being a failure. Right now, he can only book local clubs for small gigs here and there. Hes like Ray J; he makes money by being a special guest in night clubs for a few thousand dollars a night. Poor guy. If he thinks Diddy is going to get him bigger gigs, he'd better think again. To be continued.....


  1. I concur. Rick Ross can kiss his career goodbye.

  2. everyone knows diddy ends careers, i would stay far away from him. hes cursed because of the whole biggy incident

  3. Anonymous4:31 AM

    More.... Danity Kane, Day 26, Remember Dude from the band was his name Ness? He was supposed to have a solo and lots more. Sad and shameful.

  4. Rick Ross is hungry and Diddy is thirsty. They are a hot mess.

    They think they are doing for the greater good, but they laugh at us as we buy their products, make them rich and they won't even TALK to you if they see you in public, but DON'T FORGET TO GET THE NEW ALBUM.

    And anyone who trusts Diddy the snake by drinking his vodka is NUTS. I wouldn't drink a glass of water from him if I saw him pour it. I wouldn't take nothin from him.

    That's the devil, they always wanna dance.


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