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Timbalands Birthday Party 2010

Wow, Timbaland saw another birthday! Its amazing despite the steriods he probably used when he got all muscled and lets not forget about his clogged arteries from all the fat he consumes. His party was at Drai's in Holllywood. Brandy went to the party to feel relevant and get a discount on some production since that moesha money is gone. As you can see, she put away the planet of the apes lacefront wig. CiERROR and Paris the valtrex slut are snuggled up, I wonder why. Anyway Timbaland should consider getting a gastric bypass, Brandy should go sing in the shytter on youtube for a confidence booster, Ray J needs to go wash his azz. Someone sent me an email and said he smell like butt, and Paris should go and get a refill on valtrex for her herpes and cold sores. I'm done taking shots at these D Listers....yawn

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  1. I know paris hilton and trust she was just drunk and couldnt differentiate between the help and ciara. They are not friends, ciara is just trying to be seen with these people for relevancy purposes. She does have a new flop album coming out.


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