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FEMAs gonna pay Beyonce??!!!

Remember Hurricane Ike came by and fvcked up Galveston, TX. Well one of the houses it fvcked up happened to be none other than that bish, Beyonce. FEMA is going to pay Beyonce $425,000 to reimburse her for close to the original value of the house? Yep, it's true, according to a chic named Mother Jones
The house is one of 68 that will receive a FEMA-sponsored buyout according to KHOU. Gosh I hate that hoe. So what's the area like - or the house for that matter? Heres the house. Its one of these houses...not sure which one but its her house. That trick probably forgot all about the house. She sure don't need the money. Fvck her!


  1. WIGONCE is of SATAN

    ALl im going to say

  2. Anonymous1:17 AM

    WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS CREOLE HAVE TO COPY Janet Jackson, this look is old.


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