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Sexy Spec career is DONE!!

Sexy Spec put out this video a few days ago, but I could not resist posting the video of his sinking ship!! I just about threw up after I watched it! He was trying to promote his new single, "tipsy" but the only memories anyone will have of the song is this fool dancing around in a red thong and challenging rappers such as Bow Wow to a winding contest...UGH!


  1. Anonymous1:32 PM

    awww did your step daddy rape you when you were young and make you dance around like a fool?!

  2. chillinvillain2:11 PM

    dude. I don't like Pretty Ricky, I don't like Sexy Spec.. But, if the man wants to dance, let him dance.

    Also, the comment from "Anonymous" is neither funny nor witty. So, please.. Don't quit your day job to go on Comedy Central. Thanks!

  3. he should put on sum boxeers.. cuz dis rite her makes him luk offnese lmao lol hahahahhahah

  4. PajeT.1:30 PM

    What grown ass man challenges other grown ass men to a dance contest in their pink panties. PLUS, Bow Wow don't even dance. I think he was just pluggin himself in to all the guys he likes. If you see any flicks of him with anybody he know what's up.


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