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Ciara Photo Shoot!!

I yanked these pics of Ciara from Ciara Daily, a fan website of hers. I thought the pics were flawless, beautiful and worthy of sharing. They are due to hit a magazine soon so be on the look out! Last week, Ciara sold 16,000 more CD's which brings her barely to 100K sold of her new album, Fantasy Ride. I wish she didn't have that lawsuit with her former manager/producer who made her a star - y'all know who I'm talkin bout. Whats the fat guys name? I think its Jazze Pha...anyway, some guy named Anthony supposedly stole Ciara from Jazze Pha and threw her on Sony/BMG where she is currently sinking faster than a stone thrown in the ocean. I think she needs to get back with Jazze Pha because her new sound is trash!
In other Ciara news, she has just shot the video to the next single "WORK". THe video will feature a buncha sexy construction workers as well as Missy Elliott so be on the look out for that. Her CD currently sits at slot #33 on the billboard chart, and by the time the video drops, the album may be out the top 100
womp womp womppp


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    i thought that ciara was with laface and i notice how it was all over the net about ciara swagger jacking beyonce dance style, and the lady that ciara used to design some of her stage outfits beyonce hired the same lady to do her clothes for her tour ,ciara made if i was a boy first and beyonce does a song and gives it the same name, huhhhhhhh

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    then there was the big who can dance the best and i agreed right along with all the rest of the masses that ciara is the better dancer, ciara used to be a clothes model for jz and she quit a while back and after all of the who shot john about ciara jacking beyonce then i hear that ciara and jz are going on a short tour this summer, kind of strange to me.

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    after all of the who can dance the best and after all the talk about ciara jacking beyonce dance style, things finally die dowm and i know that the knowles do not allow some people to think for themseles like they know everything, and when big bird (beyonce) falls on her face on stage then other people will get a chance to make some money and be heard.

  4. Anonymous3:10 PM

    cici is looking good these days, i understand that shes going to tour some with britney spears later on thats good for her as long as they can make themselves some of the money thats floating around out there those are some really beautiful pictures of cici, shes in well on her way to being a well paid chick in the industry.

  5. Anonymous3:13 PM

    i read someplace where cici signed up with weliamenia modeling agency that will really help her on down the road, she is dressing and looking real fly here lately, make up and style of dress is more on point.

  6. Anonymous8:15 PM

    CIARA IS NOT A SINGER! you should of heard he rlame ass on the 2009 bet awards sounding a mess! the only thing she can do is dance and thats it! if it was not for her dancing and all of her performing the bitch would not be nothing


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