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Solange debuts her album in Spain

Solange was in Spain on the red carpet -scratch that - ON THE CEMENT - to debut her album out there or something like that. I really didn't research it too much because I'm sorta lazy. So what, right! Anyway - she looks nice for a change but those white nails need to go - and wheres poor little Daniel as mommy promotes her nonexistent career - this is time wasted for her. Shes going to look back 10 yrs from now and wish she would have spent more time with her son because in 10 yrs no one will be checking for her azz or her sisters. I can see Beyonces career fading out like Janet Jacksons faded and I can see Solanges career never taking off.

Im rambling again... bye

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  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    here is da myspace hoez


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