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Lil Wayne had the baby!!!!!

Dwayne Carter III was born Christ Hospital in Cincinnati this afternoon, a rep for rapper has confirmed. Wayne already has a daughter, Reginae Carter, with ex-wife Antonia Johnson. I bet the tabloids wont offer millions of dollars to see the baby even though Lil Wayne is one of the greatest rappers of all time. Blacks don't get that type of treatment from these rich azz magazines. One of my readers pointed out in the comment section that Wayne been trying to have a baby for a long azz time - and Trina stank azz claim to have the bomb puzzy but she couldn't even produce healthy eggs to give the man a baby. I think Trina is infertile from all that sex she has...ugh, anyway
Read more about the baby right here. Ya'll know I tend to get carried away LOL


  1. Anonymous12:37 PM

    here is da myspace hoez

  2. Anonymous12:22 PM

    One of the greatest rappers of all time?! Damn you guys don't know good music when you hear it... SMH @ people who think it's all good to acquire many baby mamas. Ghetto ass!

    Prayers for the kids...

  3. Anonymous4:32 AM

    maybe he need to stop eatting, then maybe these girls won't b sooooooo hooked

  4. Anonymous10:08 PM

    His music is whack and so is he. If you call that music. He disrespects women and talks about D.A.S., then he turns around and sells his music to a bunch of ignorant idiot's just like him. I wish I would allow my child to buy or listen to that garbage. No child of mine is wearing baggy pants hanging off his ass, dreads in his hair nor will his body be all tattooed up looking like a hardened criminal. I don't care how hard of a life he had, he is out here using a microphone to spread hate and disrespect within his own race and he is owned by the music industry and has sold his soul for fame and fortune. Yes, I said it, and more people need to wake the hell up and stop supporting this type of ignorance. Then we have nerve to try to figure out why we have a entire generation with the exception of a few that have not been led astray. Why are your children disrespecting you, why are they killing one another, why are they sold out to homosexuality and perversion? Do we need to ask why. I guess it is so cute that he is spreading his seed and making every other woman his "baby mama". It's not cute at all. I only feel sorry for the children. Everyone else involved did it willingly and intentionally. He has the audacity to thank God when he wins an award for that garbage, please, he needs to realize that you can't serve two masters. I guess God is also giving him the talent to go around and impregnate all these women? Doubt it seriously. Wonder which one he is going to marry? LoL!

  5. Anonymous10:21 PM

    I think that Latoya is the only one with some real sense. She is not classified as a "Baby Mama", at least she got him to marry her. So with the exception of her, all the other women are just something on the side and in the mean time girls. It is such a shame that black women tolerate so much bull crap from these "LiL boys". To get pregnant in 2009 is so ridiculous unless you are married first. How many more illegitimate children do we need in our race. How many one parent households do we need before we get it. A child needs and deserves two parents. All women basically know when they are capable of getting pregnant and these women put themselves in a position to be single mother's. I will be watching to see who he marries if he marries any of them. I will be surprised if he does. He does not seem like he is stable, appears to be very unbalanced not to mention all the marijuana he smokes. He sounds completely ignorant when he speaks but actually I believe there may be a small amount of intelligence lurking in him somewhere. I guess he is brilliant, because he has such a large following. Wow, what a role model, especially for our young men. He can really teach a young male how to disrespect and put down his own women and how to get them pregnant back to back. I means seriously, all these women are acting like they got him because they have his child. W.T.F.? No time in the history of man has getting pregnant made a man stay with or choose to be with you. Drama at it's best. This is so sickening and so sad.


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