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Halle Berry Shops at Target

So, Halle Berry wants to be normal so bad. I bet she dreamed of the day she could stroll into a Tar-jay(target) store and shop like the rest of us. Did you know that Halle Berry was deaf in one of her ears due to domestic violence? Anyway, Halle fulfilled her dream and shopped at Target and here are the pics to proove it. I hate Halle Berry with all of my heart.


  1. lmao! you keep me laughing I love me some tarjay!!

  2. Anonymous12:26 PM

    wot, iz she tryin' 2 keep it real

  3. Anonymous2:49 PM

    is she on drugs? she looks super skinny in this photo

  4. Anonymous4:22 AM

    yea i knew about the deafness. supposedly when she first started out and was living and dating wesley snipes, he actually punched her on the right side of the head causing halle's deafness.

  5. Anonymous9:10 AM

    So you hate Halle with all of your heart, sorry but do you even have a heart? You must not have a life writing about people your jeoulos of:)

    Much love!

  6. Anonymous5:42 PM

    true dat 2 da person above me and damn yall hatin on HALLE BERRY yall insecure as fuck

  7. Anonymous10:45 PM

    If this woman wants to shop at Target, Walmart, Kmart, or the Goodwill.........IT'S HER BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!
    A good deal is a good deal, that's why so many celebs are filing for bankruptcy. NO MONEY MANAGEMENT SKILLS. Do what you do Halle, God bless.

  8. Anonymous12:07 AM

    halle look like a old tierd hoe that need to take a break for a min. u really need to stop u are old and u are not hot anymore u are to old now...


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