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Ciara in Mens Health Magazine

First off people, why is that heffas tag showing on the side of her dress. She couldn't cut that shyt out with some scissors? That goes to show that shes a tacky ho and could in fact have some male genes because a real woman would've cut that tag out after one look in the mirror. Lets move on..

So, theres a whole lot of IRONY in the fact that R&B crooner, Ciara was in Mens Health Magazine. Isn't she rumored to be a sex changed man? Whats so healthy about seeing a sex changed star in the mens health magazine, you ask yourself?
OH YEAH I GET IT!!! The reason why shes in there is because she successfully transgendered from a man into a woman and shes healthy!!! Maybe thats why shes featured in that magazine or she wants to do whatever she can to promote her album. She dropped a new new video for her single "Go Girl" Feat T-Pain or did she mean "Go BOY"?

Who knows???


  1. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Bitch, shut ya lame azz ip with the 04' rumors! Get informed and then go to hell!

  2. sorry girl...Ciara is 100 percent woman. But I thought the same thing about the tag!!

  3. lets be honest..ciara has some manly features...i love her still though.thats my girl.

  4. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I would still DH that.

  5. Anonymous2:27 PM

    here is da myspace hoez

  6. Anonymous2:45 AM

    your just a jealous moron who will never be famous cuz of your sucky ass personality. she's famous, pretty and talented and apparently that annoys you so you gotta spread lies like every other loser. i feel sorry for you. hope you get a life and get some positivity in it.

  7. I am love this great site. Many thanks guy.

  8. Anonymous10:03 AM

    you dumb motherfucker why should she cut tags out of shit that don't belong to her ! she was just modeling that shit! stupid ass!

  9. Anonymous4:25 PM

    excuss me haters,
    if yall knew a damn thing ciara was born a woman is will always be that way. If you must kno theres a person in a different country whos name is ciara and he in fact did get a sex change. google it HATERSZ!

  10. Anonymous5:16 PM

    ciara i just dont know what to say when it comes too that girl

  11. i lov that chck she is sexy if i were a man id date her she is cool

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  13. Here we go again… Another Rihanna STAN talking shit about Ciara. This pics are beautiful, way more classier than than VIBE photos if i must say so myself.

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