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Ne-Yo calls Michael Jackson Picky!!!!

HAAAA!!!!!! Michael Jackson is over rated like a mutha fukka!!! That fool hasn't dropped an album in over 20 years and now platinum selling artist Ne-Yo is fed up with the weird-O!!

Ne-Yo says: “He’s being very picky but is supposed to be. This is going to be a really important album”

Even though Ne-Yo is helping the washed out artist come back from the dead, I doubt Michael will sell more than 500K copies. When he re-released thriller a few months ago, it won't thrilling on the charts at all. I think it went gold LOL


  1. Anonymous10:03 AM

    fyi...mike dropped and album in 2001 that did pretty good, but not his best. 8 million copies to date.

  2. Anonymous7:13 PM


  3. Anonymous6:12 PM


  4. Anonymous7:24 PM

    the person who wrote this whole thing, u are a fucking piece of shit, u have no respect for the people who u are blatenly tryna make a living out of. fucking moron. u are probably one talentLESS motherfucker, so u find it easy to write about people who actually have a lot of talent. i think your disgusting in everyway. oh and btw, Invincible by Michael Jackson sold 10 milliion copies and was an amazing comeback considering people like you spent a lot of time writing badly about him in the media only coz u wanna see him fail and are proabably jealous that he had such a unique gift. people need to stop comparing that album to the successes of Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad because clearly he has had a lot to deal with in his life. He is not overated, he is a musical genius, global icon and to me, the most creative and talented person in the history of music, this website however is overated and u chat shit. You probably dont even care that he has just past away and his place in the music industry will always be rememebered as he broke barriers and accomplished a lot in his career. however, its a shame i cannot say the same about you, being remembered because you are a nobody. im guessing you havnt done anything good with ur life, ur pathetic and disgusting and i hope you go to hell. thats clearly where u belong. fucking cunt....Love all the way from England.
    P.S you probably wouldnt even have the guts to say all this to the people who ur writing about, so why dont u just sit in a corner or something LITTLE BOY....oh anddddd....what artists do u listen to then? u probably have no idea about music, fucking uneducated motherfucker!

  5. Anonymous4:24 PM

    shut da fuck up whoeva made dis website aint fukin wit michael jackson so yu need to get a life and post how many albms you had ummmmmm none so you need to shut the fuck up and suck my fat dick and stop hatin put one of your pictures on here ill cook your ass

  6. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Really? You're probably some stupid fucking nerd that doesn't have a life. Appearently you waste all your fucking time on the here. Michael Jackson is soo not a bad guy. THAT'S a bad picture of him. And if you think he's stupid and a child molester then YOUR stupid. Maybe you should do some research before you insult him. I'm sure you didn't know that both of the families that complained they were involved with bad money. So did you ever think that he's innocent and the assholes are just lying to get money? Maybe before you try to insult more celebs to be popular online then do some reasearch dumbass.

  7. Anonymous12:59 PM

    UHM Michael JACKSON dropped an album in 2001 and had a number one hit, and last I check people till this day copy the king like no tommorow.
    so stfu

  8. Anonymous11:16 PM

    wow i cant believe all you guys do is hate! hate hate hate, you guys have nothing better to do then hate on people, you guys are so mean, this website is awful


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