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Michael Vick ain't broke!!!

Michael Vick filed bankruptcy this week in a Newport News, VA courthouse. Vick, who’s currently serving a twenty-three month sentence in federal prison for animal cruelty, filed for Chapter 11 in hopes of keeping his 3 Million pro-rated signing bonus which the Falcons are trying to take from him - but thats not part of his salary, its a bonus and most likely they wont get it back!!!!! The disgraced former Atlanta Falcons quarterback owes between $10 and $50 million to creditors. WHOA!

Now, before ya'll start feeling sorry for ole Vick, he aint going to be broke for the rest of his life because Vick aint stupid!! He bought a home in Florida which is now his legal residence, and creditors can't hound you or pursue you for money if you a resident of Florida. Thats why OJ Simpson lives there in order to avoid paying those irritating ass, money hungry Goldmans!!! Anyway, Vick will be fine when he gets out. He also secured lots of investments before going man

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