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Remy Mas' Blasphemy bites her in the azz!!!!

Remember when Remy Ma dropped that album "Shesus Khrist" and started talkin' sideways about everybody that helped her become a grammy nominated artist (clearin throat - Fat Joe) and just being a wreckless individual. She was making diss records for Lil Kim while she was on trial for attempted MURDER instead of focusing on the case at hand. Of course everybody heard about Remy Ma shooting her friend over $3,000 and fleeing the scene and causing accidents n shyt. If you didn't it m'kay. Remy Ma thought she would win the case, so much so - that she didn't even kiss her 8 year old son goodbye on the day she left home and was found GUILTY!!! They say she was screaming and crying as the bailiff cuffed her azz; I bet she was thinking of that album cover..... Anyway let me get to the point

Remy Ma is reaching out for your help. On her myspace page, it says: "Please write letters about how Remy and her music has positively affected you, influenced you, inspired you, etc. In hopes that the judge will be lenient in Remy's upcoming sentencing." Please email

LOLLLLL!!!!!!! Her album is full of profanity, graphic content, and violence. She doesn't have ONE TRACK that has influenced ANYONE to do ANYTHING positive!!! I might find a moment and write some ignorant shyt because that blasphemy she committed making that album cover has come back around for her. Better yet, I'm going to stay out of it because thats between her and God so I ain't getting in it to catch that wrath!!!! Even haterz such as myself has to back off every once in a while......

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