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Juvenile didn't go to his daughters funeral!!!!!

Lawd..... CHILD'!!!! I know Juvenile better have a good explination for this gutter-butt shyt!!! Sources tell me that instead of attending his 4 year old daughters (Jelani) funeral which was this past saturday, Juvenile decided to go out and have drinks with friends. They said he was laughing and having a good time on saturday night!!! I guess everyone deals with pain and loss differently.
The now deceased baby mama, Deleston brought a paternity suit in 2004, claiming that 32-year-old rap star Juvenile, whose real name is Terius Gray, was Jelani's father, Gwinnett County court records show this to be a fact. Attorney Randy Kessler, who represented Juvenile in the proceedings, said the case was resolved peacefully by consent order in 2006. Both parties agreed Juvenile was the father. Word on the street is that Juvenile barely knew the 4 year old....
The 4 year old and her mother were killed by her 17yr old brother (the mothers son) for reasons unknown. He is being detained in jail as we speak.

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