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Why did album flop? We know why..IT SUCKS! has decided to drop that crappy album SONGS ABOUT GIRLS again!!! This time it will be along with 3 new singles which are also as sucky as the first album to drop. Thus far, he has sold about 47,000 units of the sh*tty album, and Entertainment Weekly says they feel the wrong singled popped the album off.

Yea right, I think the album sucked and that meth head, Fergie was the glue keeping the group Black Eye Peas strong. needs to give it up and move on. Producing is what he needs to be doing and NOT trying to drop albums which sucks!!! The same thing goes for Teddy Bear, THE DREAM. He will also never be successful as an artist, only as a producer. I have some advice for the both of them. Sit your azzes in the studio OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT and produce, stop trying to drop albums!!!!

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