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Where is Halle Berry baby daddy aka Gabriel Aubrey?

Halle Berry attended the 19th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards in Palm Springs, California. She was without her arm candy, aka baby daddy, Gabriel Aubrey. You guys wondering where he iz? Celebhaterz will keep you in suspense no longer.

Gabriel Aubrey is in New York being a selfish jerk and pursuing his modeling career. He proposed to Halle when he found out she was pregnant but Halle declined since she has a bad record of keeping a man! Halle vowed to never marry again which ran Gabriel away. Halle thought she could buy Aubrey by showering him with gifts such as a fully loaded S600 sedan that lists for more than $150,000!!!! Gabriel decided to leave her azz in the dust and start dating a few new yorkers. Halle has successfully ran another man away!!! Way to go, Halle!

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