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T.I and Tiny are pregnant...AGAIN!!!

Tiny lost her last child at 6 months pregnant... I wonder what caused such a LATE miscarriage, anyway they are expecting in June a baby boy and I think thats just wonderful. Its too bad the babys father will most likely be in prison during his adolescent years and will only know his father through his work. Lets not forget that Tiny was arrested back in Oct 07 for alleged drug possession of marijuana and ecstasy. Wake up people.... she will have to answer to those charges when her court date comes up!!! I hope Tiny don't go down for that. Who will keep the kids? I also hope that Tiny wont let that boy listen to those lyrics his father leaves behind, Lawd help our kids!!


  1. bitch ur wrong. fist off Tiny was 8 months pregnant wen she miscarried and they weren't having a boy they were havin a girl matter fact they HAD a stillborn GIRL get ya facts str8 dumbass.

  2. Anonymous5:23 PM


  3. Anonymous4:35 PM

    omg she looks like shes on crack

  4. Anonymous10:10 PM

    its funny she didn't always look ugly, when she was in exscape she was one of the prettier ones of the group. Not sure what happen bad plastic surgery went bad, she definitely had some work done on that mouth and nose, she should of left it alone.

  5. ann @ yahoo.com10:56 PM

    firt of all tiny is not that bad looking yall r jealous because she got the money and the fame and a good man yall bitches wish u were in her situation stop hating ...... tiny people going 2 hate on u until u die keep up the good success and fuck them haters

  6. Anonymous2:54 AM

    ann go suck tiny's pussy you obviously have a crush on her why you're sticking up for her like that the bitch knows she ulgy she sees her dog shit face in the mirror everyday so get over and get the fuck on with your life tiny doesnt need you to take up for her no one is talking about her money or her man you dumb piece of shit we are talking about how fuck ulgy her lips look likes a baboon's ass so get the fuck on bitch tiny looks like a victim of bad plastic surgey so shut the fuck up

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