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Take yo azz to work, Fantasia!!!!

I am starting to believe the pregnancy rumors of Fantasia being knocked up. SHE WONT GO TO WORK!!!!! Its rumored that Fantasia has missed more than 50 shows since she signed onto the broadway play, "The Color Purple". WOW!!!! I know the first few months is hell when you're pregnant.... so I give the lazy girl a pass this time!!
Heres an exclusive statement released by the staff and insiders thats a part of the show:

Since the American Idol began dropping performances, producers have refunded tens of thousands of dollars worth of tickets. Fantasia did show up for work the day the strike hit and sang for disappointed fans outside the theater. News of her impromptu concert reached Sardi’s, where a group of Shubert executives were lunching. Said one, acidly: “There’s no show, and she’s out there singing. Now if we could get her to perform when there is a show, we’d be in business.” Sources say Fantasia’s out a lot because she’s simply not up to the grueling Broadway schedule.
Take yo azz to work, Fanny!!!! LOL

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