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Oh Shyt, Ike Turner Died!!!!!

Eat the damn cake, Anna Mae!!!!

Celebhaterz has just found out that Ike Turner has passed away lastnight in his sleep. He died in the very beautiful San Marcos, CA where there isnt a local hopsital, no police department, and nothing but houses, a Home Depot, and a whole bunch of fancy restaraunts.... trust me, I used to live there!!! The story is a little sketchy right now, but when I get updates I will post them! Theres always a lot of deaths around the holidays, how sad. May he rest in peace.....

I said, Eat the damn cake, Anna Mae!!!! RIP!!!

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  1. Anonymous1:22 AM

    did they cut his penis off for the museum? no disrespect but he had the biggest dick in show business


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